Specialty Food and Gift Baskets from the tip of Cape Cod

  • Maple Dijon Cooking Glaze
    Maple Dijon Cooking Glaze

    Tangy with just the right amount of sweetness make this the perfect for baking chicken and pork or grilling on the barbecue.

  • Horseradish-n-Maple Mustard
    Horseradish-n-Maple Mustard

    Perfect for a dip with pretzels, mixed with sour cream for inside out chicken, on top of a grilled hamburger or on a freshly made sandwich.

  • Smoky Maple BBQ Sauce
    Smoky Maple BBQ Sauce

    Made with pure Vermont maple syrup and natural wood smoke, this is the perfect combination of smoky and sweet. It is excellent for indoor cooking and, of course, outdoor grilling

  • Toasted Sesame Dressing
    Toasted Sesame Dressing

    A favorite at Provincetown’s renowned Lobster Pot Restaurant, dress your salad with this flavorful dressing alone or with the Lobster Pot Creamy Garlic Dressing for the ultimate dressing combination that makes any salad zing!

  • Tim's Famous Marinade
    Tim's Famous Marinade

    Created by the Lobster Pot’s Executive Chef Tim McNulty, this hearty marinade is the perfect enhancement for seafood, chicken, pork and your favorite vegetables.

  • Far Land Provisions Cranberry Chutney
    Far Land Provisions Cranberry Chutney

    The consistency is a chunky blend of cranberries, apples and raisins combined with pure cane sugar and spices.